"I am fueled by a passion for impacting this generation and the next, in order to leave a LEGACY of transformed lives. "

- David Chacon



Coach David Chacon is a gifted speaker that has the ability to not only be a great motivational  speaker; but is a gifted individual that will inspire, empower, build up, interact as well as share stories and laughs with your crowd. He gives you the results of impact! See our testimonies and Students reviews to see what they say about Coach David Chacon.

What fuels the FIRE?

Coach Chacon is determined to help people first recognize, then break the chains that have held them back from their fullest potential.  

Over the years Coach Chacon has impacted thousands of people in our youth schools and communities with explosive messages on hundreds of topics.


David and his wife Suzana are the founders of Grind 180 Dominion Mentorship. Grind 180's goal is to empower people through mentorship in wisdom, discipline, discernment, exposing their gifts, equipping them to transform lives in the community and abroad.


Starting at just 16 years young, Coach Chacon began training in public speaking, sales, and business.  By the age of 19, Coach Chacon was a Motivational Speaker for companies Downtown Chicago. Expanding on many of his own life lessons. David turned his attention to providing success and leadership to people through his lessons and teaching he learned from young. It's through his motivational speaking that students become impacted to live a life of purpose.

 David is recognized througout his local community Oswego and surrounding suburbs as a coach and mentor that fights to Impact our youth & adults positively. In addition to impacting thousands of students (youngest being 4 years and his oldest 60+ that he's personally mentored). David has come up with a unique program that involves martial arts and mentorship to keep the youth in the community plugged into an positive influencing environment that will continue to motivate and build up the next generation. His messages are good for the bullied and the bully. Our younger generations need constant reminders of their self-worth. We deliver an impactful self-worth message using real life scenarios that motivate and encourage them. His events help the bullied deal with and address the bully’s verbal abuse and physical abuse, while at the same time help the bully understand the impact that they really have on someone’s life. But most important help the bully understand how they got to be a bully in the first place. This creates a neutral environment and that’s where the unity takes place! The message that we give has been known to be a one of a kind. It’s almost too hard to put in writing.