Here is a closer look at his Life Experiences that have shaped him to do what he does today. Whether its Speaking at a school assembly or training on effective communication & sales. Thanks to Mentors in his life his Gifts & talents had been recognized & trained up from a young age for succcess.

"My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old and I went to several different schools. Having a solid Martial Arts background gave me the confidence that I needed to get through. I was always the bigger, taller kid so that had me in the position to defend the smaller weaker kids in a bully situation. I’m grateful to have been a saving grace for a lot of kids but there were also several instances growing up where I was the target. Because I experience bullying first hand, I am extremely active in our community running Self-worth and anti-bully rallies at local schools. My goal isn’t to single out the bully. My goal is to help the bully discover the unfortunate life circumstances that got them to be that way and to reverse it. There is no better feeling for a kid that is getting bullied to see the bully have a life altering experience that causes them to turn from their bully ways.

"I love being able to tell people my story as I've always had a passion for motivational speaking. My dad started me at the age of 12 years old attending motivational seminars, reading a ton of inspirational books, listening to tapes and cd’s about how to tap into what you are truly capable of doing and do it. He made dream building a big part of life. That upbringing encouraged me to motivate and encourage people." His father invested David's Time in leadership building conferences to personaly develop him into a motivated individual and speaker.Amway:  At the age of 12 years old, I prepared for the day that I would turn 16 so that I could start as an Independent Business Owner in the Amway Business. Attending monthly seminars and rallies, flying all over the country to conventions for training, reading monthly leadership and sales training books, to listening to the weekly tapes that were given in order to teach me how to dream big and goal set. At the age of 16 I was leading group meetings with up to 30 people present and began building my Amway business. The leadership and training that I received at such a young age changes my life forever.

Only 19 years Coach David Chacon hitting Tops Sales records monthly in the Company

David 19 years old Presented at annual Meeting Top Salesman of the year & awarded Rolex & Vacation. Pictured below with his Father Rafael Chacon

Entreperneaur Business Experiences: At the 20 years old I was 1/3 partner of a company that specialized in running promotions for the automotive industry nationwide. I lead the sales training division and was a senior closer for the sales team of about 20 salesmen. This would eventually lead me into the real estate investing.  

Real Estate: At 21 I owned just over a million dollars in real estate investment properties and by the age of 22 began real estate investment fulll time. At 25 in 2008 (the housing crash) the majority of the investements went upside down and 2009 woul spark a new beginning for an Entreperneur at heart. 

In my late teens &  early 20’s I fell into chasing a lifestyle of material things. This led me to understanding that money is not the root of evil but the love of money is the root of evil. In a very short period of time I gained over 100 lbs and became morbidly obese. I knew something needed to change. By the age of 24 I realized that finding purpose in my life was more important than anything else. It was at that time that I realized that with the right solid foundation of principles and morals I could live a purpose filled life. A big part of the foundation I learned was to live the life of a servant and be able to find a need and meet it to impact people’s lives.
But first, I needed to drop the weight and drop the weight I did! I lost 105 lbs in about 8 months and have kept it off ever since.  My life was transformed physically, mentally and spiritually. My story got around to the editors at Mens Fitness magazine and they asked me if they could feature my story with BEFORE and AFTER pictures in their upcoming issue. This was a big opportunity so of course, I agreed! After I was featured in Mens Fitness magazine, people began asking me about my transformation and I began to encourage other people by telling them my story.  Soon I was speaking for multiple groups, schools and businesses, sharing with them my transformation. 
As I began speaking more, I realized, not only do I have a Men’s Fitness Weightless success story but I could also help people lose weight, teach them martial arts/self-defense, and speak on motivating and encouraging them to discover their gifts and talents and become all they were created to be. 

"As young Entrepreneaur you can find me running our business of Martial Arts and Institute of Mentorship Dominion Martial Arts; Public Speaking for schools, Clubs, and or businesses. Personally mentoring man and women on vision building reaching their goals and dreams by living a life of purpose. Working on our non profit organization that my wife and I founded Grind 180 Dominion Mentorship. I am blessed to say I do this alongside my wife Suzana and my 2 kids David Jr whom is 6 and my daughter Sarah is 3 years old. You'll catch us as a family mentoring, working our business, serving our community and abroad, riding bikes, skate boarding and at the gym or MMA training. "